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Hey everybody! I need accountability! As many of you know, I love walking down and up our Taylor Drive Hill. I cannot seem to motivate myself to do it on a regular basis. Yet, I always feel better when I do. I am inviting anyone and everyone, that is able bodied (and their pets and strollers) to please meet me at the bus stop outside of Oriole Park Elementary at 9:30 am M-F as we walk to the bottom and then back up again! It is nice to get the fresh air and exercise. It is about 30 minutes round trip. Wanna come too? There is no official cost to join. However, if you are willing to donate a loonie or toonie, then this would help cover the cost of advertising on Meetup.com. Don’t feel obliged though. I just need to get moving! See you soon!


fitness hike excercise

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Dec 06, 2021 9:30 AM
Dec 06, 2021 10:00 AM
Oriole Park Elementary School - bus stop
5 Oldbury St

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