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Sylvan Learning Centre has something for students grades 3 to grade 6, as schools close for P.D. days in Red Deer and surrounding area Drop off your child at 8:30 with a lunch and pick them up at 3:00. Students will rotate activities such as robotics with Lego™, game coding with Scratch™, 3D Printing, Digital Art with Inkscape ™, Animation with Tupi ™ and Collaborating in a MineCraft ™ like world called Minetest ™. Full day is $45.00, 1/2 day for $25.00. Classes are are held at Sylvan Learning Centre Red Deer #2 5020 - 68 St Sylvan Learning Centre. 3D printing ..,. Instructors assist students through guided instruction on the use of 3D CAD software as they design various objects, that upon completion they get to keep. Robotics with Lego™... Instructors assist students as they follow guided instruction creating a robot or machine that uses gears, pulleys, levers, and other simple machines to transfer motion from a motor. 11:00 to 11:30 Lunch (Please provide a bagged lunch) World Craft collaboration Students will collaborate in building a world in a locally connected version of Minetest (tm). Minetest is a voxel block game very much like Minecraft ™. Engineering with K'nex™... Challenge activity where students get to release their inner architect. Game Coding with Scratch. Create a game and solve coding challenges with the scratch coding environment. Drop off your child at 8:30 with a lunch and pick them up at 3:00. Their day will fly by as they rotate through 5 different fun and educational stations. Each station is designed to engage both their hands and their minds.

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Oct 10, 2019 8:30 AM
Oct 10, 2019 3:00 PM
Sylvan Learning Centre
#2 5020-68St

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