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EARLY BIRD TUITION DISCOUNT Enter discount coupon code early bird in the registration process and save an additional $40 off your tuition! INTRODUCTION Join International Reiki Master/Teacher Russ Littau for an entertaining, enlightening, provocative learning experience of attaining your Reiki Level One Certification. Russ has been teaching these life changing events for over 15 across Canada, United States, Mexico, and the UK. He has spent many hours modifying the curriculum to perfectly resonate with an online teaching environment. LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Russ has taken his many years of audio video production and online broadcasting and created the perfect immersive, virtual training space. Your learning adventure takes place in a specially equipment teaching room with multi-camera setup, high quality music and sound, student support materials, interactive chat room and more. Event description picture CIRICULUM History of Reiki & it’s founder General theory of energy healing Theory of Reiki as a healing modality Foundations of visualization The power of imagination Practical applications of visualization in treating others and your own personal development Releasing your Baggage” – workshops on releasing emotional memories gently, quickly, and profoundly Hands on practice time giving treatments on yourself and others Treating over distance – how to effective treat others whether they’re ten feet away or ten thousand miles Bringing the past and the future into the present – The key to releasing emotional traumas Treating spaces and places using Reiki Event description picture BONUS' AND DISCOUNTS BRING A FRIEND - Invite a friend to embrace the Reiki experience with for only $37.00! The Bring a Friend options allows one friend to share your seat in the virtual training room with a 80% discounted tuition. NOTE: They will not have their own seat in the virtual training room but will share yours. ATTEND AN IN-PERSON EVENT - for $100.00. While these are indeed challenging times and in-person events have been difficult the storm will pass and our in-person training will increase. As this happens you are welcome to be our guest for only $100. Typically tuitions for our weekend sessions are $577.00. That's a savings of $477.00! ATTEND 2 REIKI PRACTITIONERS REFRESH AND RECHARGE VIRTUAL GATHERINGS FREE - On a regular basis we hold Refresh and Recharge events for our practitioners. The cost for these is $25, however you will received 2 free passes for the event.

Reiki Training Red Deer - Level 1 (Virtual Classroom)

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Nov 21, 2020 10:00 AM
Nov 21, 2020 4:30 PM
The Healing Center
4734 Ross St, 204

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